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Still in diappers I think the first word I was able to speak was dog. Other kids may say mom or dad but I had been different. My little world was full with the thought about a "Bobby". You must know Bobby was my soft toy. A black dog with curled hair and red wheels on its feet for dragging behind. I wanted a Bobby alive. My mom was about to do me a pleasure and secretly sewed by hand a big Bobby for me. Yes of course I loved this Bobby but still I dreamed of a living one. As time passed my longing growed steadily. 

I never will forget the christmas evening after my fourth birthday on May. The christmas tree

was sparkling from thousands of burning candles. The sweet smell of gingerbread, tangerines and walnuts was running through the living room. My siblings and me had been waiting full of excitement at the christmas presents. My siblings got a lot of wonderful presents but I only got sweets. With tears in my eyes I watched my dad leaving the room.

(Photo: Im Garten mit meinen Großeltern Christoph und Marie Dambmann und zwei meiner Geschwister: Sonja und Jürgen)

Short time after the door opened and my dad and my grandfather took a step into the room in the arms of my grandpa a little black bundle. This bundle had big brown eyes, black curly fur, a black wet nose, long ears and was wagging it´s tail. I couldn´t believe my eyes and thought I was only dreaming. Then my grandpa carefully lied down that little living thing onto my lab and I got a wet kiss from a little pink tongue. A Bobby, I got a Bobby.

Bobby and me got unseparable from this day on. Every day we used to do long walks.

(Photo: Warten auf das Christkind)
(Photo: Die Bescherung [v.links: meine Schwester Sonja, ICH, meine Schwester Birgit)
(Photo: Mein Großvater Christoph Dambmann)

At the end of our little town was located a farm. Every day we passed this farm I spotted a little brown dog with sad eyes on the big courtyard. The dog used to be outside no matter if sunshine, rain or even snow.
Always it was alone. My hearth felt very sorry for him and hardly I could bear it.
At last one day I took heart and did ringing the doorbell on the left hand the big brown wooden door.
My hearth was beating like a drum as I waited. Suddenly a big old farmer with a long grey beard was standing in front of me his face puzzled.

I cleared my voice, took my head upwards and said with trembling voice: "May I walk this dog?"
The face of the old man cleared up.
He gave me a kindly big smile.
Wait! was the only comment he made.
Few minutes after he got back with a rope in his hands and tied it on the collar of the small brown dog. By the way, his name is Bobby!

(Photo: Bobby im Alter von 13 Jahren)
(Photo: Ina/Cocker Spaniel und
(Photo: Laska/Podenco Ibicenco Hündin und ICH)
(Photo: Sally/Canadische Schäferhündin)

I thought my ears were wrong but at the same time I enjoyed it very much. From this day on I had two Bobbys on the leash for my daily walkings. It happened that I must cross a little red brickstone house on my way the town out. Often already I have had spotted a blond girl at about my age who was watching us with yearning. Always she glanced at my two dogs.

One day I asked her if she want like to join us. She had tears in her eyes of luck and I got a very good friend. Later as we got into school she was my guardian. When lads wanted to do any kind of harm to me she just beated them into the ground. You must know she was about two heads bigger than me. The lads had been so afraid of her that they didn´t dare to put only a tiny finger on me.

I thank so very much my loveable parents for the experience I was able to made. The experience to be allowed to grow up with a dog. It changed my life forever.

Bobby joined me through my life nearly twenty years.

He has gone the way with me from childhood to a jung adult.

I thank this great boy so much for the beautiful time I had with him.

Deep in my hearth I know we will meet again on a different place. It´s called heaven.

There he will wait for me just as the dogs they joined my life after him.

There had been Sheila a Sheepherd and Ina a Cocker Spaniel. Both got very old.

After their death Laska and Sally joined me long time too. Laska got the same age of twenty years like Bobby. As both bitches were still alive we got Archie, our first Ridgeback and took Goldie, the streetdog from Rumain to us in our family.

As you can see many great dogs spendet lifetime with me. They live all deep in my hearth but I must give in a Ridgeback is passion. I can´t imagine anymore a life without this proud bred. I have fallen in love for them forever!