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Welcome into our little world. My husband and me live on the countryside in a town called Langgoens. We like this place very much. At the end of town there is the highway. That means visitors from far are able to arrive us easy. The international airport Frankfurt/Main is only 20 till 30 minutes far away from us. Gießen is the next city to our town. We only need 10 minutes for arriving. To our pleasure the show handling training is near to us too.

The most happy we are about our beautiful surrounding with its forrests, hills, meadows, lakes and streams. It´s a paradise for our Ridgebacks. They can run free over large distances. They like even to splash around in the stream and take a bath in the lake. It always means lot of fun to them when we do swim together.
We are lucky about our surrounding as it´s made for human and dog to get happyness.

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