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is a little mongrel from Rumain. She and three other pups from Rumain I took into our house. There are cruesome circumstances into the city they had been come from.

Dogs get poured over petrol and than set them on fire. Or they become beaten to death.
The mayor wants nice urban features. Thats why the free living dogs get killed on open spaces that way.

As I heard about I spontaneous took four mongrels to us. With the intention to feed up and nurse back to health and than look for nice owners.

Goldie I just loved at the first sight. She´s a cute litte girl with a funny curly tail. She has the talent to speak to us with various sounds.

Not to confuse with give tongue what dogs normally do. No, she really speaks a own speech. We never heard similar before. She´s exceptional. Her lovely look is able to melt away every iceberg. Not only a iceberg. We melted away too and decited she will stay forever.

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