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Deckung: 26.11.2013
Lihuntra Helix Nebular of Roodedraai & Aresvuma Kianga Kawaida


Unser 2jähriger RR-Rüde Aleeke muß sein neues Zuhause verlassen aufgrund familiärer Veränderungen.
Er ist anhänglich und verschmust, aber auch vom Temperament her ein richtiger RR-Rüde. Laufen und
Springen, in dem Alter auch mal Nebenbuhler anbrummen sind für das Alter völlig normal.
Bei Intresse bitte melden!


Hurra, wir sind da!.

Am Sonntag den 9.Juni 2013 haben wir das Licht der Welt erblickt.
3 stramme Jungs und 5 Mädchen. Die Geburt verlief absolut problemlos.
Es grüßen die stolzen Eltern Yadi und Shashi

We are going to get puppies on June 6th. Both parents are KUSA/Africa.


Dear RR friends
as ever we had a great weekend with lot of visitors.
The pups are now 7 weeks old.
By the way, one male and one female are still available
for very best homes.
Pixes from the weekend you may see as ever at the

Liebe RR-Freunde
Die kleinen Hawkinsara's haben nun die 6. Lebenswoche erreicht und
ihre 1. Puppy-Impfung erhalten.
Ja, "Aus Kindern werden langsam Leute".
Wir hatten wieder ein wunderbares Wochenende. Die angehenden
Herrchen und Frauchen haben ihre zukünftigen Familienmitglieder
besucht um ausgiebig zu knuddeln.
Wir hatten eine großartige Gartenparty, bei der auch Kaffee und
Kuchen nicht gefehlt haben. Unsere netten Gäste haben ebenfalls
fleißig gebacken. Ein Dankeschön an Alle!
Besonders möchte ich mich bei Philip und Anett für die wunderschönen
Aufnahmen bedanken, zu der wir nun zum Anschauen -in die Galerie-
Eure Monika Kolb

Hello dear RR friends, again time has passed by and the little Ridgies are five weeks old yet. Yesterday they had their second ride by car. They enjoyed that little trip very much. After we arrived home again nice visitors entered the house to cuddle the little pups. Today it was all the same. The babys got lot of hugs and kisses and as ever they did feel absolutely great. You may visit the galerie to take a look at the lovely weekend. Enjoy the pixes which mostly got shoot by our guests. Lot of thanks to the nice photographers.
Monika Kolb

Dear RR friends,
just the pups got 4 weeks old and we invited the first guests.
Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 we had lot of nice visitors who
couldn´t get enough from to cuddle the sweet little babys. Mom Kianga had been very proud. The babys enjoyed the three exciting days very much. Not only the babys had been happy. We all had lot of fun.
But now feel free and take a look at the pixes.
Monika Kolb

Hi, to all RR friends,
herewith you may face nice brandnew pixes from our litter. The pups are doing great and always have strong appetite. Their belly is round and the babys enjoy their life now by being able to see each other and have first little fights. It´s so cute to watch them. Really we don´t miss TV anymore. I´m convinced you know from what I´m talking about, isn´t it? But now enjoy the new pixes. Have a nice day.
Big hug to all

Monika Kolb

Proudly we announce our pretty A-Litter.
The pups got born on 20. February 2011.

We got 6 males and 6 females.

Mother and babys are doing great. Only one Ridgefault we have in the whole litter.
One of the boys has three Crowns. Please feel free and enjoy the first pixes.


To all RR-friends

Today we had a ride to the vet for ultrasound.
Evidence you may see attached.
We counted 11 pups but it might be still more.
Hho knows...
Can also be we counted a few babys twice times...
But the vet told me there are a lot of little sweet ones.
Kianga used to keep very still, laying on her back, head to the
right and watched the screen.
We all had been buffled as it did seem she knows
exactly what´s going on. She looked very proud;:))))

Wish all of you would have seen the little hearths beating.
The mistery and wonder of beginning life.
It was stunning and we are very proud.
Greetings from Moni and proud Kianga
(take a close look and you can face three ones)...


Aresvuma Kianga Kawaida «x» Ricvive Vignon Rouge

Monday 20th December 2010 Kianga was mated with Ricvive Vignons Rouge.
We had a great time in Dresden, which´s a very romantical City.
We are looking forward to ultrasounds at about 14th/15th January 2011.
Naturally we will keep you updated and are going to publice the first ultrasounds on this website.